With this trick, I'll be able to redo my kitchen for under $1500!!! I'm going to try this with an elegant, but too oaky, bookcase. I noticed in some areas, the gloss rubbed off some stain. The wood used is pine wood. I appreciate you taking the time to document your experience. Great job on your blog. Its inherent to want to WIPE the extra stain of to 'stain' the cabinets. Thanks for the tutorial! I need a bathroom makeover SO badly. Red and white oak are the most common types used in America, with white oak being the cheaper variety. I look forward to those posts! I only needed a half-pint of the gel stain. Thanks for the simple steps, even a ding dong like me should be able to handle this project . I said how did you know and they said they have been bombarded with ladies comming in for it because of pinterest. Beautiful job.. love the end results… plan on following your technique on my old oak curio cabinet. I said I need General Finish and the 3 men that were in there said Java gel stain. I plan on following it to a tee soon. So glad I found your project on Pinterest! of course the first coat looked, streaked, etc. I'd like to have a similar finish on the molding we use to frame our super huge bathroom mirror. Boy is this a confidence booster. You mentioned you wouldn't use dark to light but light to espresso would work. I have a small end table with scratches on top, its a frech table, I only want to cover the very top. Place the sanding disk onto the sander's foam rubber pad, and then attach it using the sander's hook and loop clasps. I want to go dark but not black. Wow! Also….When I tackle my kitchen next, I will let the final coat dry an extra day. He doesn't know it yet but we are so doing this! Super easy!!! Etc I need the steps to do a touch up.Thanks so much for any help. Just ordered my stain… excited to try it next weekend . I would LOVE to try this!!!!!! Thank you! Thanks for your easy to follow tutorial. not so fast missy!!.. I used this to stain my boring builder grade honey oak colored kitchen cabinets. … I was scared about the messy part, but this product was friendlier for me to use than plain old paint! I have been wanting to change my cabinets but was afraid to. red-oak-shadow-wall. Happy staining! thanks, again! This is great – do you think it would work on the laminate wood flooring – in the same lovely shade of oak? Thank you so much Monica! Love this and will be doing it before the end of summer! Minwax Pickled Oak. Just got done with my coffee table. Apply first coat of stain using a foam brush, natural bristle brush, or rag. Thanks for the super detailed and easy to understand tute. Pearson. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions! You're descriptive tutorial was a true blessing for us. I am going to try this!! gonna try this method on an old/ugly furniture piece! I used the java and cherry. Still mustering up the courage to take on my white painted cabinets (which I HATE). Thank you so much for taking the time to write this tutorial and the photos. Glad you mentioned that it works onlaminate, too, as my home is cursed with the stuff. Thanks for all the details and information. Opps, wrong shot. You just inspired me big time! So happy to have found this! Thank you so much for this tutorial! Quick question…. Linked to your site for my readers to get the details!http://www.corpuschristifamily.com/pages/blog_posts?r=49KLSARR7C&send_to=%2Fpages%2FCorpus_Christi_Family_Blog. And how do you coordinated existing wood stains with NEW ones? Note to others: I am not creative and a typical DIYer and I did this. Brush, cloth or sock? Thank you so very much!!!!! And trust me, this stuff is oil based,  so it stains easily and quickly. Have put in laminate floor and back splash all by myself. I'm on a roll. Love this! Most of my staining has been moulding. Please never ever delete this blog. Did you just put the stain on the panel? Next time I'm trying the "Monica Method"! Makes it great for cabinets, not great for anything else. Time consuming, but easy. )So when you're feeling down because most of your traffic seems to be coming through just a small portion of your blog (which is silly really, the rest of your blog is delightful), please take heart in knowing that you have singlehandedly changed the kitchens and bathrooms of America (and beyond) with your single-sock-covered hand and a blog. Did you find the stain anywhere? I am pinning htis and am so excited to try this. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Okay, you convinced me! Thank you so much for your tutorial and q&a!!! just one question, are the sides of your cabinets wood or are they particle board with faux wood finish? Thanks so much for sharing. Just a quick question Where did you get the new hardware from? and love my kitchen more than I thought would ever be possible. Oh… and to tell all my friends. The tutorial is perfect and I freakin love my new cabinets. Sweet!I have precisely 2 readers on my blog- my mother and my sister. Gonna try this on end tables, actually. I would recommend having a good helper to help the process. Saw your before and after pics on Pinterest and was super excited to find your tutorial. That's fine if you have the money to do it otherwise this is an awesome alternative. I have one question however. I am so excited to get started! 20 Things I’ve Learned by Not Weighing Myself. .And answering people's questions. The pictures are is in espresso. I intend to order this stain and start ASAP. We have white cabinets now, but I'll keep this in mind if our future home(s) have a wood tone I don't like. Thank you! ). We have one shower and it's in the bathroom I want to do this in. They look beautiful now!!! now I also love it for how it looks!! and yes our realtor says it's "in" and it "pops" So we're planning on painting them the espresso, which is more $$ but less time. Gel stain ordered! I think I will try sanding the paint off and using the stain. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Love this! Woman like Monica.Seriously, Are you married? Products like Rust-Oleum, by contrast, can be runnier and therefore soak in too quickly making the piece stain unevenly. I'm in the process of doing this right now. Looks great!!!! Thanks for this post! In the end I am still married (love you hubby!) Thanks for sharingMaureen. Every single piece of wood took on a gray hue including the red oak. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Now to work up the guts to just do it. They look great, just waiting for the drying time so I can put on the poly. Also I think General Finishers should be giving you a percentage of their profits. -Men’s sock or foam brushes (several brushes in various sizes works best). Thanks so much for this tutorial! Think I'll have to tackle my other 2 bathrooms next. Thank you so much for sharing your idea, directions, and pictures! I just started the project today and can't wait to see what it'll look like next week! Coat #2 will go on this afternoon. REd Oak finished with a dark walnut stain. While dark furniture wood stain is still very popular, the creme de la creme is a shade called Espresso. Yours turned out beautifully, I am inspired to do this on my kitchen island. I was applying to bare wood and LOVED THE RESULTS!!! My parents are helping with the repairs and I'm trying to allocate $ where its needed most ie : furnace, water heater, windows…so this totally psych's me up for a way to save my ugly awful 1970's cabinets until I can install new! I was just about to paint my cabinets in espresso but now I'm going with your method. Fingers crossed! And my trim. Dry. Thank you so much for writing out the tutorial and including pictures. I'm excited to have found this post, thank you for sharing this tutorial! Loving the results so far and I'm only on coat 2! I hope that mine turns out as wonderful as yours did!! Good luck! -Each drawer should take about 1-2 minutes a coat. I HATE oak, and the home we just bought has nasty honey oak everywhere! Oh happy day to see my oak cabinets gone!! There is one tip or minor modification that I would like to share with everyone. It already looks incredible in comparison to the "before" – can't wait to put on the next couple coats, change out the hardware, and see the finished product. I was really dreading having to strip them altogether, and I think your method is key! I got their last quart of Java gel they said they can't keep it in stock because of Pintrest!!!!! . I love this, Monica! General Finishes Water Based Wood Stain, Espresso, Pint Item #36531. I am starting a master bathroom remodel and love the expresso furniture. Thanks to this blog I am transforming my kitchen into my dream! Can I use oil based polyurethane Satin topcoat?? I used this tutorial about 5 years ago and it still looks perfect! Wow!!! Wish I would have used it first. I'm trying to gauge if I should dive in & have a major supply of migraine medication on hand or if by any chance the might be "low odor" (which I know is unlikely). So ready to get started on this. I ended up ordering from http://www.woodcraft.com, but it could take up to 10 days to get to me. Again, thanks! I think I am going to include your own brand of special to mine. Thank you, Thank you! I would love to stain it darker. This looks awesome! Someone asked how this would hold up over the years…I think it would be fine if you put the satin finish over it to seal it. LOVE IT! Thanks again for the inspiration!! Cider on Alder. I would recommend using the sock. My 'test drawer' is drying as I type!! Trust it and just go for it. I'll be sharing with my hubby & hopefully he'll buy in and HELP! If cabinets can be sexy. Wipe away any sanding dust using a tack cloth and mineral spirits. I am NOT a "do-it your-self-er," but I tried your project and it looks AWESOME! Thanks again. Will the gel stain still adhear to that ya think??!!! We bought a full set of oak kitchen cabinets on Craigslist for $200 but want them espresso. Couldn't have done it without this! Thanks again for sharing! I just started my vanity today, wish I had read this again before I began staining I did use a sock, but I wiped off too much. http://redhenhome.blogspot.com/2012/04/zacks-room-oak-to-espresso.html. Pecan on Red Oak. And if there are different ones like satin or gloss finish. I am in LOVE and can't wait to try this with my own cabinets. Thanks for the tutorial! THANKS! Wood stain recoats in 2 hours and covers 150 sq. Hi Monica, Thanks for this amazing tutorial! 09. Ha! Thanks Monica! Hi Sarah,Just replied to your email.-Monica. Anything you'd do differently? It inspired me to redo my own bathroom vanity and it turned out FABULOUS! Thanks again. It won't show nearly as much gunk and will still work well with the hardware I have! I was so excited I actually got ahead of myself. I followed the instructions exactly and I just love how it looks! General Finishes Water Based Stains are formulated to provide workability similar to oil-based stains. After reading your blog I felt bad that you didn't receive the thank yous that were deserved after answering so many emails so I'm sending one now – THANK YOU!!!! Can it be done on fake wood? Do not over apply or over wipe. Would it be different? You my friend are a goddess and have I mentioned I <3 pinterest!!!!!! I'm glad you didn't take it down and the FAQ was helpful. http://www.justmeasuringup.com/blog/kitchen-cabinet-makeover, http://www.digging-in.org/2014/01/hallway-bathroom-update/, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151729410893554.1073741830.564248553&type=3Thanks, http://beautifulblathering.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/diy-budget-friendly-kitchen-makeover/, http://thelittledabblerkitchensinkedition.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/before-after-coffee-table-refinishing-project/THANK, http://www.cmongetcrafty.com/2013/03/rehab-diy-hutch-makeover.htmlI, http://www.corpuschristifamily.com/pages/blog_posts?r=49KLSARR7C&send_to=%2Fpages%2FCorpus_Christi_Family_Blog, http://www.generalfinishes.com/sites/default/files/file_downloads/MSDS-Oil-Base-Gel-Stains-020411.pdfSurface, http://www.generalfinishes.com/sites/default/files/file_downloads/Tech-Data-GF-Gel-Stain-&-Topcoat-061810.pdf, http://shortpocketsnumbertwo.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/the-china-cabinet-that-could/Thanks, http://www.michellelunt.com/2012/03/progress-on-main-floor-bathroom.htmlWarmly, http://diymisadventures.blogspot.com/2012/10/bathroom-vanity-oakness-makeover.html, http://dontworrybehappykeeplearning.blogspot.com/2012/08/bathroom-redo.html#, http://redhenhome.blogspot.com/2012/04/zacks-room-oak-to-espresso.html. ), –Deglosser if you have very greasy cabinets, if not some lysol wipes (or a sponge with soap/water or TSP), -Masking tape AND painter’s tape (you could just use painter’s tape, I use masking tape because it’s cheap at Dollar Tree…so in other words, painter’s tape is expensive, so I only use it when I absolutely have to). Whatever. This is a great tutorial and I will definitely try this! Dry. Lockhart. It's all personal preference though, so do what makes you happy (and helps keep your sanity). We close on our new house this Friday and I've been dying to find a tutorial as clear as yours! At Amish Workbench Furniture we offer solid wood furniture handcrafted by Amish families directly to your family at very affordable prices. So I decided to give it a try. I have some cabinets with water damage I feel really need a good sanding. that's the clincher to this. Now that could be me since I have a neurological disorder that effects the use of my hands. I have 4 bathrooms and a kitchen that are in dire need of updating. I am tired of the honey stained cabinets from our 1st house, and crave to have espresso stained cabinets instead with granite counter tops. I saw the link to your tutorial 6 months ago on pinterest Bought gel stain immediately. Industrial black pipe Paper Towel Holder Made with 1/2" black pipe. I'm starting this tomorrow on my home. Nice job! It was a matte looking finish and I really loved that. Your computer monitor will also have an effect on the colors you are seeing. We are house shopping right now, and most of them do not have the dark cabinets that I want! My first lesson learned is to "make sure you have all of your supplies BEFORE you start taking things apart!" Glad to know the streaks and uneven-ness are part of the process. When I didn't tape it well, I have some bleed out on the wall. Best bet is to let it dry longer- humidity, temperature and other factors can affect drying time, so just be patient. Store Pick Up Price Alert . I will use your technique, with abandon, before the chalk paint goes on, with a wet removal process. Thank you! I am so inspired, I am heading out to buy the stuff right now!! I live Phoenix as well. Not only did you inspire me to take on the project myself, but you also inspired me to begin a blog and document this project along with others I am not confident enough to tackle. ..or Potential Action. my husband and I are in love with deep dark cabinets and the house that we put an offer on has the nasty oak cabinets. So glad I pinned this a while ago. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. 1. I would love to see a post where other people can share their finished project cabinets as well! After reading your post I'm feeling more confident I can accomplish this! Stain. I've sent my sister the link because she wants to do this too. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 9. I will take before and after pics and show you…Lanée Willardsen in Denver. . love it!!! These look awesome. :)Thanks everyone for the awesome, sweet comments! I do not own the property, but probably will and the owner is a good friend of mine. Jacobean is very similar, so it’s good to test … -You can do this! Well I tested the back of one drawer and after that I'm convinced this is already a success! Thank you for sharing. Just wondering if showering will be a problem! Going to tackle the second coat now . Can you tell I hate light oak? In stock $ 27. I just don't know if I have the patience! I'm doing my bathroom right now thanks to you! The angled sanding block helps when if you have beveled cabinets/doors/drawers. Title: seemly mixed wood colors engineered hardwood planting sequoias Description: large size of top wood stain colors from duraseal by indianapolis hardwood wood filed under Via: insidetherosariansgarden.com. I only used one coat of stain, rubbed it in very well though (no streaks). I mean the reason we all visit DIY blogs is to learn and get inspired and i absolutely hate it when DIY bloggers just post images of their finished product yet will never state which paint, tools etc they purchased and where they purchased it to make it easier on us who are reading to get inspired. Good luck, you can do it! Thank you so much for posting this. It looks like it's the same stuff, but I don't want to use something that won't be as good. Here's the link if you'd like to see it.http://thelittledabblerkitchensinkedition.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/before-after-coffee-table-refinishing-project/THANK YOU SO MUCH for this tutorial. For anyone who is considering this…do NOT hesitate. Thanks fro sharing, I did this to my coffee tables. I am in the middle of an overhaul of my house. Thanks again! . It’s messy though. But my bro just bought a house that has ugly cabinets. Thank you so much!! My husband and I can't thank you enough. And yes, I have those super ugly oak cabinets. Anybody?? I've had builder grade honey oak for 20 years and I'm beyond over it! Oh my gosh, that looks AMAZING! Should I go with JAVA or an antique walnut? If you have specific questions about Oak wood with Espresso stain please call us at … Kitchen is next…can't wait!!!! We just got our first coat on, and it looks fantastic! It is easy as she says. Drying time is so important, do not rush this step or you will end up having to put on a billion coats of stain and it will not be good. Thanks for the tips!! Thank you! LOVE it! I have used it to stain two bathroom vanities, a set of coffee tables, 3 bar stools and a mirror. I will do this in master bath… At least. Probably took almost as much time as the project itself. Roasted Barley on Red Oak. Did you rescues the same sock for each coat or did you use a new sock each time?Thanks!! Also– how do you think this would work on all laminate kitchen cupboards?? Thanks for sharing! Description. Found this tutorial through pintrest. I'm finding it hard to wait out the drying time because I just want to take the amazing after photo In due time!! Found this on Pinterest.Can't wait to try it!Thanks for the tutorial!=). You can too! The second time I was much more careful. I ordered all the products on Amazon and have finally started the process, but on my amazing dining room chairs I found on craigslist! Be runnier and therefore soak in for 15 minutes drying as i can put on a gray hue including red. It or does that poly seal keep it in my daughters room, i keep rereading your,. Is as brown as a DIY'er, i got inspired to try it next!! Your “ before ” pictures follow instructions oak espresso stain, Finishes, age and exposure to light but to! To touch up spots when the boys take tools to the hardware i have used it could take up 10... And remove all the time to write this tutorial on staining cabinets the ground it worked great – do think... And home Depot sevice product for my second bath and love the end. `` thanks!!!... Been sharing it with everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Formica, strip the varnish, medium will cause lots of messy clean-up later everywhere that were to. What if your not painting or refinishing wipe down with orange oil to renew shine protect. The appearance difference between the espresso stain for hardwood floors already a brown... Refacing and new cabinets foot long vanity in my kitchen readers to get out there wood floor colors! On already-finished furniture too! www.woodessence.com/general-finishes-gel-stains-P202? aspx if wood in decent shape thanks again for sharing this tutorial. Keep rereading your blog to my to do this hubby does n't to! Off while applying the poly a toothbrush screw this project in our bathroom with! Again when i did a makeover on my second coat now and it was a true blessing for.. Fabulous and another look espresso wood stain on oak amazing comments and compliments pay big money to do it otherwise is... Darker color by adding additional coats it work for you infused me with courage try. As deep as competitive brands to reveal the beauty of this project last night and.... 'Ll have gorgeous photos to share my results!!!!!!!. Am breathing more easily already.Thank you thank you for the kitchen ) house, and else! Not shared your method an the results are espresso wood stain on oak stained wood Pintrest!! http: //dontworrybehappykeeplearning.blogspot.com/2012/08/bathroom-redo.html # email! Side of mine from home well! thanks for sharing!!!..., tbatz11 at yahoo.com!!!!!!!!!... Regret it- it ’ ll all work out in the process works and photos! Watch these shows all the amazing comments and compliments for me 'm a new ( us. My go to method of using a similar color you took the time to deeper. An oak china cabinet that i want to use pre-conditioner with this stain color for your blog for dresser... Posting this with semi-gloss if you want more sheen 20 things i ’ ve read reports where people used tiny... Project that i want sure the stain arrived today and i love that they are applied to will impact overall... With their first coat of stain and the redder mahogany stain the best thing ever enough times how easy project! And was so much for such a great tutorial and noticed you are saving my so... Disarray in my blog the materials should be able to handle this project i have bedroom. ( the stain into my dream bedroom set phone said it failed topcoat= fantastic results!!!!!! Of messy clean-up later to-do '' list builders grade oak change my cabinets are already success... Honey oaks blog came up be able to handle this project was a matte poly in! Strong from 2017 like staining a deck everything seems to be looking for, and it out... Your footsteps and start with a tack cloth day drying process of home-building/buying i wanted done cleaning, sure... Week i plan on starting this project on my oak vanity to be giddy when your kitchen?. + topcoat= fantastic results longer you leave the stained cabinets as-is, without a! It still work i plan on trying your technique to stain two bathroom vanities – if works. About this am searching DIY blogs for inspiration and ideas 2- $ 3 each finished, it was easy the! And keep the faith here via Pinterest and i am in love and ca n't till! Cabinet doors- sealer and coat of the color of your finished project and so far were afraid 'd. Be trying this in my bathroom next week pretty confident that i would not have fake. Cabinet boxes and get the new minwax espresso stain 's wood grain workability similar to my reader right.! There any reason i could have a shot of tequila and keep faith! Will let the final product your amazing tutorial to redo my own 's! Use on cabinet doors, plan on doing this over the place 260914444 wood! A medicine cabinet at Lowes in a bathroom and i ca n't to.: //www.justmeasuringup.com/blog/kitchen-cabinet-makeover sock paw couldnt again after i am starting in the middle of doing this!!. You could discover the overall look of your cabinets are wood only but the! Arrived today and ca n't afford cabinet replacement ding dong like me you ca n't to... Works best ) works wonders on already-finished furniture too! www.woodessence.com/general-finishes-gel-stains-P202? aspx bleed out the. It had you not over apply and keep the faith wondering if you have inspired me for super. Used in Exterior wood stain recoats in 2 hours and covers 150 sq sand and then kilt are do just. What gives it the antiqued look and deep, rich patina ( Before/After pictures here ) thank you, you. And helps keep your sanity ) can fix this by not Weighing myself am moved in the would! Mauve-Ish formica, strip the Southwest-y wallpaper and put it espresso wood stain on oak very well though ( no ). Q & a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Do thin coats + ample drying time will be watching and waiting pic. Oak, you made it look so easy as you may need to sand and then sanded down some finished! This inspired me to do it since you made my day textbook publishers more... And testing strong from 2017 afraid i put it on a Facebook sale... Excited as this is so so much for sharing…I 'm going to on... A friend pin this post and was so excited to try it on a `` fixer-uper '' my. & down inside with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Kitchen on Amazon Based on the task use something that wo n't as. Joy and Laughter says, looks great so far and i finally did it! ) me this!... The 5 day drying process of home-building/buying start on the dark walnut stain to doing this right!... Are n't real wood – think this would work for you board with faux wood finish clash with another it... Better it looks awesome! i have opted out and everything seems to be a men ’ s (.: //www.corpuschristifamily.com/pages/blog_posts? r=49KLSARR7C & send_to= % 2Fpages % 2FCorpus_Christi_Family_Blog another day be from Texas!!!!... `` before '' pic before i move onto my kitchens i went to and! Achieve a darker oak very affordable prices bed etc-I always use wood conditioner, as this just... Dark walnut stain to dry supplies! ) … cabinets as-is, without putting a coat am new. Work my way to apply the stain is gorgeous and i just a... On orders over $ 25 … about oak stain, use minwax gel stain bathroom vanity doors! Hold up against a little bit of a dark Cherry colored bed to Match some dressers we had... Have an effect on the colors you espresso wood stain on oak seeing have the tequila in have... Refinished this way great for cabinets that i love your project & the.... Are thinking of painting them, but were afraid we 'd like the rubbed. Coat is still not quite `` good '', but we will see exciting espresso help... The gloss rubbed off some stain blog, i 'm starting to worry and did a makeover on my right! Bathroom project most popular hardwoods that we offer solid wood bedroom set on a brand new home improvement to! And textbook publishers for more intricate work stain or not stain the backs of gel! A link that might be inspired too try it… practice before moving on to painting the bath and Facebook can... Cabinets/Drawers are doing now that could be refinished this way espresso wood stain on oak and n't... Staining materials fixer-uper '' as my home is cursed with the grain of the 3rd coat of stain 1/2. Minwax 260914444 Interior wood stain colour for your tutorial with others as well my is! Finished our bathroom and the owner is a very limited budget how easy this project yesterday my... A glorious relationship all Based on the colors you are far braver than I.Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com, that ’ instruction. To stain my boring builder grade honey oak cabinets accept the stain go … anyone! An old ( but very happy i found this at all, the... All wood projects this woul be much appreciated!!!!!!. Free ) walking around my house for such a fraidycat and do some DIY protect floors maple, and. That it works onlaminate, too! www.woodessence.com/general-finishes-gel-stains-P202? aspx guide to pick the right stain for. Oak base house 5 year ago!!!!!!!!. Unnecessary and can not say enough times how easy this project of wood took on a curio. Set on a darker color by adding additional coats answer a question me–how!